Why are there no vacancies in nursing homes

Nursing homes are a dying industry in the state.

There are no vacancies and the vacancies are in a state of limbo, leaving many people in the community unsure of their future.

In a recent report by the New South Wales Nursing Home Association (NHSOA), only 10% of nursing homes in the State had a vacancy rate of less than 10%.

The report also found that fewer than one in 10 nursing homes had a turnover rate of more than 10% and only 2.7% had a return rate of over 10%.

As a result, many families are forced to stay at home.

It’s not just the elderly who are struggling with the state of the industry.

A report from the Department of Primary Industries and the Australian Council of Social Service revealed that almost half of all NSW residents aged 65 years or over were in a nursing home at the end of the 2015/16 financial year, with many elderly people not receiving care in the facilities.

Nursing home vacancies are the largest issue facing NSW residents, with around 40,000 vacancies across the state and in a number of states.

In 2017/18, there were only around 21,000 nursing homes across the State with over one million residents.

While there is a shortage of beds and staffing, there is still a shortage in nursing home facilities, with over 2,000 nurses, registered nurses and other healthcare workers registered to work in nursing facilities in NSW.

In the case of nursing home vacancy, many people are forced into temporary accommodation and many people do not have the financial means to live in their homes.

The situation is compounded by the fact that many facilities are overcrowded, with long wait times for services and there are no designated day care spaces for families to live with their children.

With the state still struggling with a nursing shortage, there are many concerns that the situation will only worsen.

In recent months, the State Government has been making changes to the state’s nursing home industry to make it more attractive to businesses.

The changes include introducing a ‘care’ charge of $10 per week to encourage people to move out of their homes and the introduction of a $10 ‘carers’ allowance to help people pay for services.

The Government has also made it a requirement for any resident who has lost a job to return to work within 60 days.

While the Government has taken steps to address the issues facing the industry, it’s still not enough.

There is a lack of infrastructure and there is no clear understanding of what needs to be done to improve the situation, according to NNSOA.

In fact, some residents are now asking what would happen if the Government stopped funding their nursing home.

“What if you were to be kicked out of your home, what would you do?

That’s where you get to when you’re out of work,” one resident told FourFourtwo.

“If you were forced to move back into your home what would that do to you?

Would it be any better?

What would happen to you, would you be better off?”

The lack of information about the nursing home issue, coupled with the lack of solutions, have been the main reasons for many people to feel left behind.

While many residents feel they have no choice but to stay in their own homes, others are choosing to leave nursing homes and move out.

One resident of the Brisbane nursing home said, “I feel that it’s better for me to go to a different home.

I feel like there’s no way for me or anyone else in my community to live here anymore.”

Another resident, who did not want to be identified, said, ‘It’s too bad that there’s nothing for us to do in this state.

We have no option.

There’s nothing to do, we don’t have any options.

“While there are still a number people who are unable to find work in the industry due to a lack in the workforce, many of them are hoping to find a way out of the nursing homes.

Another senior resident, whose name has been changed to protect her identity, said she felt she was in a situation where she had to stay with her children and the carers in her home.

She said, she was desperate to get out and found herself in an argument with the carer when she told them she was leaving the home.

She was not allowed to leave and the dispute became more heated when she refused to let her children into her home, which resulted in a fight between the carerer and the woman.

However, despite the issues and concerns about the state, the residents hope that the Government will take action and make the situation better for them.

NHSSA chief executive Mark Cunliffe said the State would continue to invest in the health sector and provide a stable and healthy environment for all Australians.”

We will continue to work with our stakeholders to ensure that the sector remains safe, secure and accessible to all and we will continue working closely with our community

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