What to know about the nursing home meme that started trending

A meme that’s gone viral after it was posted to Reddit has spread across the internet with users asking for help to identify the nursing homes it refers to.

“I saw the photo on Reddit and thought it was a really nice nursing home,” said John Jaffe, an employee at a nursing home near Los Angeles.

“It was like I knew it from my own home, but I couldn’t get my mind around it.”

Jaffe said he first saw the meme while reading a news article about the state of California.

He posted it to his Facebook page to see if anyone could help.

The meme, which began circulating on social media last week, has spawned a slew of images of nursing homes in the U.S. with images of smiling nursing homes.

Jaffe said that he has received about 100 emails and dozens of comments on the meme.

The nursing home photos have also been linked to people’s homes, including a nursing facility in Virginia, which has been linked on Twitter to people who claim they are there.

Jaffe’s Facebook page was flooded with comments about the meme, with people asking if it was real and asking him to help identify the homes.

“It’s just an innocent, innocent, harmless meme that was made on the internet,” Jaffe told the Los Angeles Times.

“This is a common meme that people share, and people who are looking for help in finding homes or who are interested in finding someone to come to their home and look for the elderly.”

A spokesperson for the nursing industry group AARP told ABC News in a statement that it is “aware of the recent trend in memes, and is concerned about the misinformation being spread online and in person.”AARP added that it had not heard of anyone being arrested or charged in connection with the meme as of Thursday.

The group said it had already reached out to the California Department of Health to help track down the person who made the meme and get them a statement.

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