Obama: We will get rid of ObamaCare, then repeal and replace

President Barack Obama on Tuesday said he wants to repeal and then replace ObamaCare and said he doesn’t think the House will be able to do it.

The president said he will unveil his plan for repealing and replacing the health care law at a rally in Florida on Thursday, and he has said he would consider making it optional for people to have insurance under his health care overhaul.

He also said he won’t sign any bill that allows states to waive federal Medicaid spending limits, a provision that was passed in a Republican-backed measure.

Republicans have said they would support the repeal and replacement plan and that Republicans will have to work with Democrats to find common ground on the issue.

Obama has said that his plan would be affordable, but some experts say it will cost more to insure people who need it.

Republicans argue that his policies would be paid for with cuts in Medicare and Medicaid and with billions of dollars in additional tax revenue.

They say the president would need to enact tax cuts for high earners to make up for the loss in coverage.

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