Westwood nursing homes, Westwood, OK, meme goes viral as meme reaches $100,000

Westwood Nursing Homes has a meme that’s now reaching its $100 million milestone after it was popularized by a Westwood family.

The meme, which the nursing home says was created by an 8-year-old, was first posted on Facebook by Westwood resident Tasha Flanders and shared on social media with over 1.5 million likes.

Flanders says she had no idea how big the meme would get until she saw a friend post it on Facebook, which was then shared by friends and strangers on the Westwood community.

Westwood Community Center posted a screenshot of the meme on Facebook.

“I was like, ‘What is this?’

I mean, we’re so close to home.

We’re just like family.

That’s why I wanted to share it with everyone, and it just blew up.

And then we had a bunch of people retweet it, so we got some new fans and a whole bunch of new followers,” Flanders said.

Flands says the meme was the first meme she shared with her own family, and the family is thrilled to have their daughter become a meme star.

Festers says her daughter and her brother, Tysha, who is also in the nursing care program, are excited to have become memes.

The memes are now being shared by fans across the Westwoods community, which includes a home for families with infants.

Fems has started a petition for Westwood to become the first nursing home to be a meme.

“That’s the only reason I can think of, is because I feel like it’s a great thing to do.

I mean it’s not like we have to put up with memes, we don’t have to sit at home and watch,” Fems said.

West’s Westwood will become the new home for children who need care.

The nursing home plans to expand to a full-time care center in the future, and Flanders is hopeful that they will eventually expand to include adults.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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