When ‘Loretto’ was being remodeled: A glimpse at how the nursing home changed in ‘The Bachelor’

Phoenix nursing home loretto nursing homes have seen many changes over the years.

When the home opened in 2012, the first residents had been brought in to help with renovations and renovations were a priority.

Now, it’s been remodeled as well.

The new design for the nursing homes has a more modern feel with bright colors and a modern design language.

In addition to the large, open-air pool, the building has a gym, a play area, and a large living room with large windows.

One of the biggest changes to the nursing house is the addition of a new guest house.

The guest house is a large two-story, four-car garage with two-level windows on the outside and an open-concept living room and kitchen.

The guest house features a big screen TV, a fireplace, and an outdoor fireplace.

It’s located on the third floor of the building.

It was designed to be an outdoor living room for guests to relax and chill after a long day of work.

It also has a large pool with a sauna, a saunas, and showers.

This guest house also has two additional guest rooms, a living room, and kitchen area.

While the new design is a new one, the nursing facilities still have the same aesthetic and style of the original.

It is still a classic look, and it is located right next to a large shopping mall.

This article originally appeared on Fox Sports Arizona.

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