Waterford nursing homes set to close after water shortage

Waterford, Co Clare, has been hit hard by the drought and water shortages.

It has been reported that a number of nursing homes have closed their doors, including two in the South West.

The County Council says that due to the water shortage the following facilities will not be open for their residents:The Waterford Community Hospital and St Mary’s Nursing Home will close.

The St Marys Nursing Home in Co Tyrone will also close.

It is understood that all other nursing homes will be closed.

There will be a temporary closure of the North-West Regional Hospital in Waterford.

Waterford County Council has also issued a warning to residents of the city of Waterford to prepare for a water shortage.

The City of Watertown is currently experiencing a water emergency.

The water department has confirmed that the water supply in the city has been cut off for a number, including the North Waterford Regional Hospital.

In addition, water will be reduced to 1.3 litres per household by Sunday.

It’s understood that the Waterford Public Service Commission has been contacted to inform them of the situation.

Waterfans have been sharing their experiences of the drought with one another via social media and Twitter.

One Twitter user posted a picture of the water crisis in Waterfosters Waterford which showed a sign saying that the town would not be opening for residents on Sunday.

Another tweeted: “People are going to need to prepare to leave.

Theres a water crisis at Waterford.”

The North Waterfans Waterford Local Council has said that it has no control over how much water is being pumped into the city.

Residents are being advised to use bottled water or use filters and to conserve water by washing their hands and clothes.

Water is currently available at the water department and the Watertown Waterford Municipal Water Company.

There has also been an increase in the amount of rain that has fallen in the last week, which has forced many residents to boil their tap water before using it.

Local councillor for Waterford West Councillor Paul Hargrove said: “I’m really concerned.

I’m really angry.

I’ve been saying this since the beginning of the year, but people have been telling me this for a long time.

I have to keep saying it to them.

It’s just getting worse and worse.”

It’s just so sad and it’s not just Waterford County.

It seems to be everywhere in Ireland.

There’s been a lot of rain and there’s a lot going on.

“People are being told to boil water before drinking it.

The Irish Water Federation has also said that the rain is forcing people to boil tap water.

The Irish Water federation has also warned people not to drink tap water unless they have a filter and that water is safe to drink.

Irish Water has warned people to not drink tap or boiled water as they are safe to use.

Irish Independent

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