The top 50 health care facilities in the US and the top 50 nursing homes in the United States in 2018

The US health care system is one of the most complex in the world, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The country’s population is almost twice the size of England and Wales combined, and it is home to more than 7.2 million people, or nearly one in three Americans.

There are more than 1.3 million nursing homes, and nearly one-third of the population is over 65.

The US spends $6.7 trillion per year on health care.

The top 25 health care systems in the country in 2018 include:1.

Resthaven Nursing Home: A former nursing home in Pennsylvania, Resthaven has about 1,600 residents and is the largest nursing home facility in the state.

Its staff of about 800 care for about 200 patients.

The facility has about 300 beds for people with chronic diseases and about 300 to 400 beds for patients with dementia.

There is a specialized hospital on the grounds, and the rest of the facility is a long-term care facility.2.

Woodside Nursing Home in Virginia: This nursing home has about 2,500 residents, most of whom are in their 80s and 90s.

It is a state-run facility with more than 8,000 beds for elderly people.

The building, with its long, dark hallways and ornate stained glass windows, is also a long term care facility for residents.

Woodsides hospital has been closed since June 2018 due to a coronavirus outbreak.3.

Symphony Nursing Home near Pittsburgh: This hospital has about 8,700 beds for the elderly.

Its main office is a private residence, and staff is provided with a private office space and a cafeteria.

The nursing home’s facilities include a clinic and a day care center.

The staff is mostly seniors and families.4.

Westwood Nursing Home, a community-based nursing home for children in North Carolina: Westwood is a community health care facility, providing care to people with disabilities, people with developmental disabilities and adults.

Its residents include children with autism and people with dementia, who are cared for in the nursing home by a skilled care team.5.

Riverside Nursing Home & Community Center in Los Angeles: Riverside is a nursing home located in Long Beach, California, that is part of a larger nursing home complex.

Its nursing home includes about 1.8 million beds for adults, seniors and their families, as well as about 1 million beds in the community for children with disabilities.

The home is operated by Riverside Community Care, which is part-owned by Riverside Hospitals and Clinics.

It also has two other community-owned nursing homes.

The Riverside facility is in Long Island, New York, and Riverside Nursing Center in Riverside, California.6.

Symphony Health System in Chicago: Symphony Health Systems, which operates the Illinois health care delivery system, is the nation’s fourth largest health care provider.

Its 1,700-bed complex in Joliet, Illinois, houses about 2.5 million residents.

Its specialty centers are for people in the hospital, hospice and nursing home settings.7.

Symphonic Nursing Home and Community Center, a non-profit organization in Pennsylvania: The community health center at Symphony is about 600 beds, and its residents include the elderly, the mentally ill and children with special needs.

Its facilities are also in the communities of Lehigh Valley, Bethlehem, and Lancaster.8.

Westside Nursing Homes in Westwood, New Jersey: Westside has about 3,200 beds for seniors and a specialty center.

Its community health centers are in Philadelphia, Newark and Trenton, and all its facilities are in the Philadelphia area.9.

Riverside Health System, which provides health care for people over 65 in the Northern California region: Riverside Health Systems is a nonprofit organization that serves residents and caregivers of the greater Northern California area.

It has about 11,000 staff members and is headquartered in Long Valley, California and is managed by the nonprofit Riverside Hospice and Community Health Center.10.

Woodlands Hospice & Community Care in Riverside: Woodlands is a nonprofit health care network that provides care to adults, adults with disabilities and families of all ages.

The network includes about 865 beds for residents and their caregivers and more than 350 beds in community settings for people at home.11.

Riverside Hospices & Community Centers in Philadelphia: Riverside Hospics & Community Centers is a health care community care network operated by the Riverside Health Care System in Philadelphia.

The centers offer home health care, hospices, residential care and community services.

The center has more than 9,000 residents.12.

Westwoods Nursing Home/Community Center in Philadelphia and Riverside Hospias & Community Centre in Philadelphia are both part of the same network.13.

Riverside Hospital in Lancaster, Pennsylvania: Riverside Hospital is a family and home health and wellness center that is

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