How to get a new home in the Carolinas


— A new home is needed in the New England Carolinas, according to an article from the Hartford Courant.

“The state is on the brink of a shortage of nursing homes for elderly residents, but only 10 percent of them are built in the U.S. and many are in remote locations,” the article said.

The state has not built a nursing home in more than 20 years.

The shortage has led to some people moving to other states for nursing homes, and some people seeking help with home care issues, according the article.

The article said many nursing homes are under construction or being renovated, and many people are choosing to rent or buy homes.

“We can no longer afford to maintain and maintain a nursing homes that don’t exist,” said Donna McCurdy, president of the Carolina State Nursing Home Association.

“And many of the homes are not built with the right amenities for the needs of our elderly.”

The article also noted the lack of new nursing homes and the shortage of beds in nursing homes.

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