India’s ‘ghost villages’: How rural villages are turning into ghost towns

India’s ghost towns have been a huge concern for the government and many people in the country.

The government has invested in the development of these towns but these villages have turned into a ghost town and the population has dwindled. 

As a result, the number of rural deaths has gone up by about 70 percent and the number in the cities has gone down by about 30 percent. 

Now, the government has decided to bring the ghost villages back to life and to provide them with a living, functioning society. 

“The first phase of the ghost town rehabilitation plan was to rehabilitate the villages and to create a functioning society, and now the second phase is to rehabilitatise the villages as well,” said Arvind Singh, the minister of rural development. 

The plan will see a revival of many traditional ways of life, including weaving, haldi, haraadi and the arts.

The ministry has also created the ‘Haldi Village’ to attract more tourists and locals.

The village will also have its own temple.

In a city, the village is also expected to have a thriving culture.

In villages, the revival of these traditions and culture will be a huge boost to the people. 

People in the ghost towns will also be given jobs.

The villages will have the opportunity to attract people from all over the country to the villages to take part in cultural activities. 

It is hoped that the villages will become a living and functioning part of the country, providing a livelihood for the villagers, said Singh. 

But the government is not done yet.

The minister said he has also ordered the state government to start the development work of the ‘Tibetan-Indian Cultural Centre’. 

The first project in this field will be to create the ‘Indian-Tiberethniyas’ which will be the main centre of the town. 

Tibeans are a group of people from China and Tibet, who have lived in India for thousands of years.

The Tibereths are living in the villages of the remote parts of Nepal.

The first project will be for the restoration of the Tibetans culture in the village, he said.

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