Which nursing home is best for a high school senior?

WEDNESDAY, March 16, 2019– (–)–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The nursing home industry has grown steadily since the end of the Great Recession, according to a new report from the National Association of Home Health Officials (NAHHO).

The growth is attributed to new home design, the growing number of nursing homes, and the rising cost of nursing care.

According to the NAHHO report, there are about 30 nursing homes operating in the United States today, up from 20 in 2013.

However, the nursing home population is projected to rise by more than 2 million in 2024, a number expected to double by 2030.

This growing number, which could potentially add up to more than 6 million Americans, could have major consequences for nursing homes and their residents.

According the report, the most common nursing home issues that seniors face are respiratory issues, allergies, sleep apnea, obesity, and stress.

A growing number are also experiencing stress related to a lack of housing and work opportunities, the report states.

“As our nation faces an unprecedented increase in the number of elderly individuals in need of assisted living facilities, nursing home facilities are also increasingly under-resourced to provide these residents with adequate care and support services,” said NAHOH Executive Director, John F. Kappos.

“We must ensure nursing home residents have the resources they need to meet the growing needs of seniors and their families, and that the quality of care and services delivered to them is met in an affordable manner,” he added.

The report also notes that the nursing homes industry is experiencing a resurgence in demand for nursing care due to a changing landscape of nursing home options.

“The nursing homes business is booming, but so is the need for care and nursing homes.

While the nursing care industry has experienced an expansion over the past few decades, its growth is driven by demand from new and expanding nursing homes,” said John H. Miller, president of the National Board of Nursing Home Affiliates, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing nursing home health and wellbeing.

Miller noted that many of the nursing institutions in the nursing system are experiencing a rapid growth due to the demand for assisted living, and demand for home care, including in nursing homes in nursing home-dependent populations.

“These new homes have been built for people who have Alzheimer’s disease, chronic pain, dementia, Parkinson’s disease or other conditions that require a higher level of nursing services,” Miller said.

“In fact, we’ve seen the nursing facilities in nursing facilities have nearly doubled in size over the last 10 years, and are projected to grow even more in 2024.”

According to Miller, these nursing homes are more likely to have more advanced technology, as they are more designed to meet individual needs.

“Nursing homes that are designed to provide advanced nursing care, for example, may be more expensive, but they provide a better level of care to their patients,” he said.

According a recent survey conducted by the Association of Colleges of Nursing, about 70 percent of nursing facilities report a significant decrease in staff turnover over the previous 12 months.

“This is in part due to staffing shortages and reduced hours of work,” Miller noted.

According Miller, the new generation of nursing seniors has more questions than answers, and they are often concerned with safety and security in their homes.

“Many seniors are worried about how they will be able to access their health care,” he noted.

“They also want a caregiver who is a licensed nursing professional who is able to care for their needs and take care of their needs in a professional manner.”

“As the aging population continues to grow, our country’s nursing homes must become more accessible to seniors and the families who rely on them,” Miller added.

“There is no question that we have a shortage of nursing and long-term care facilities, and as the number and type of nursing-home residents grows, so does the need,” he concluded.

“The aging population is our greatest challenge.

We cannot continue to be a country that does not care for our elderly.”

To learn more about nursing home care and home care accessibility, visit:http://www.nhho.org/health/nursers/health-care-accessibility-and-health-access-for-seniors/

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