Pruitt Nursing Home has a $20 Million contract with IBM

Hacker News is home to some of the most compelling content on the internet, and one of the site’s most popular stories is the one that highlights a nursing home that has just received a $2 million contract from IBM.

The contract, which will run through 2021, is the second-largest contract the company has ever given to a tech company, behind only the $7.9 million contract the California-based company signed with the National Institute of Standards and Technology in 2013.

The agreement, which is only valid for IBM Watson and Watson Watson Personal, includes the same perks as the current contract.

But unlike the current agreement, the IBM Watson contract has a clause that states the company will get a one-time $20 million grant to help it improve the nursing home’s technology.

IBM’s Watson Watson is already in use in nursing homes, including those at the state and federal level.

In 2016, Watson helped improve the facilities health systems performance and productivity.

The nursing home will get the $2.4 million in grants that IBM will provide to help them upgrade their technology, the Associated Press reported.

IBM said it is also providing Watson to other nursing homes.

IBM Watson is also the primary computing platform for IBM’s AI systems.

It also provides the data center infrastructure for IBM.

“IBM Watson is a powerful computing platform and is essential to our mission of creating the best data centers in the world,” said Richard Moore, president of IBM Watson in a statement.

“This technology is essential for our efforts to address critical health care needs for patients, caregivers, and communities.”

The nursing homes are being paid a combined $2,500 per day to be IBM Watson machines, with the total amount of the grant to be used to upgrade the systems to new levels of computing power.

That will help to reduce the number of machines that need to be replaced and increase productivity.

Watson will also be used in the nursing homes medical-testing facility.

The IBM Watson Health and Wellness Platform, which includes Watson, will also continue to be part of the nursing facility’s medical testing system, the AP reported.

The health-care industry has been struggling with the aging of the baby boomers.

IBM is looking to be able to help nursing homes and other facilities with their health-related needs in a way that will improve the health and well-being of the elderly population.

IBM has been testing Watson for more than a decade, and Watson’s success in improving the quality of care has helped to make the technology more widely used by healthcare professionals.

Watson has also helped the health-tech giant make money by allowing companies to purchase the data that Watson processes and analyze.

The Watson Health Platform and Watson Healthcare Platform are the only two of its kind, the company said.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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