How to help your home nurse read the blood test results

A home nurse has been told to read the results of a blood test she ordered from her GP to ensure she is not at risk of being infected with a potentially deadly virus.

The test, which is normally only given to people who are well enough to receive it, is being given to home nurses as part of the NHS’s voluntary new coronavirus prevention guidelines.NHS Wales’ health director, Helen Smith, said: “NHS staff are being asked to read all the results to make sure they are up-to-date, and that they are not at high risk of getting the disease, and they can be asked to check whether they have a positive or negative result.”

If they are, then the nurse should get a test that can help confirm that they have the virus.

“Ms Smith said it was not yet clear how many of the home nurse’s tests would be given to patients at the same time, but said that there was a “strong possibility” it would be in the thousands.”NHS trusts and home nurses are already testing for coronaviruses, so this is something we are working to make compulsory,” she said.”

The information we are gathering from this testing is very important to ensuring that we have the right support for our home nurses who are going to be testing.

“What you need to know about coronaviral disease:What is coronavovirus?

Covid is a virus that can cause serious illnesses and can be transmitted to people through close contact with infected people.

There are no specific treatments or vaccines to prevent or treat coronavivirus.

What do I need to do if I have symptoms of coronavillosis?

The virus can cause fever, cough and sore throat, as well as pneumonia.

If symptoms persist for longer than 72 hours, you may need to be taken to hospital.

What are the symptoms of a coronavvirus infection?

The symptoms of any infection of the coronavirotosis virus, which can include cough, fever and muscle aches, can include:a severe and prolonged sore throat and throat pain, or swollen or red eyes or throat

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