What to Know about Renaissance Nursing Home, Colonial Nursing Home

By IGN StaffThe Colonial Nursing home has been in the news recently.

The facility, owned by Colonial Life Services, was recently purchased by a group that plans to turn it into a hospice for patients with terminal illnesses.

While the nursing home was formerly operated by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the VA’s purchase has been met with controversy.

According to the VA, the nursing facility is in need of upgrades.

The facility, which was originally constructed in 1915 and is located in the northern part of the city, was originally built to house veterans with a terminal illness who would die within the first few days of being discharged from the hospital.

As the facility expanded, the patients’ health deteriorated.

As more and more veterans began dying in hospitals, the facility needed to be upgraded to house more patients.

As a result, the new owners are now planning to turn the nursing center into a new hospice.

Although some of the facilities in the city have been refurbished, many of them remain in poor condition.

While many of the buildings at the Colonial nursing home are still in good condition, the majority of the facility’s rooms are vacant.

Many of the rooms are covered in mold and the ceilings are covered with rotting logs.

There are also many broken windows, broken cabinets, and other signs of neglect.

The walls and ceiling are also covered with feces.

Many of the residents are elderly people who live in the facility.

The nursing home has a total of seven rooms, with each room having four beds.

According to the nursing Home’s website, it’s estimated that each of the nursing homes five rooms would have a resident who is at least 80 years old.

Residents living in the Colonial Nursing Homes older rooms are forced to sleep in one room.

This makes the nursing care facility a very dangerous place to live.

In addition, residents have to wear masks while sleeping in the nursing facilities older rooms, which makes it difficult to breathe in.

Residents who have asthma have to use inhalers to breathe.

Additionally, the elderly residents who live there must wear masks in the rooms where they live.

One resident in the older nursing home had to wear a mask while in the room with the elderly patients.

Due to the deteriorating conditions of the Nursing Home’s facilities, the City of Houston is now attempting to purchase the property.

However, as the nursing-home’s owners are planning to use the property to turn into a facility for the elderly, they need to have proper safety precautions in place.

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