Nursing home found with ‘bizarre’ burial practices

The nursing home at Auburn in southwest Alabama has been found with bizarre burial practices, and it’s not clear what’s behind it.

Auburn Nursing Home in Auburn, Alabama, has been the subject of several state and federal investigations, including one that found its former director, Dr. James Fagan, was responsible for multiple deaths.

The state attorney general and the federal government investigated the facility in the spring of 2017.

State Attorney General Mike Bowers says he’s still awaiting answers.

In March, Fagan pleaded guilty to felony child abuse charges.

He was sentenced to 20 years in prison, followed by five years supervised release.

The attorney general says that sentence is now set to run concurrently with the sentence Fagan received for the child abuse convictions.

Federal investigators have also investigated the nursing home for possible criminal behavior.

Bowers said the state will be taking a “very strong and sustained” stance on the nursing homes activities.ABC News’ Scott W. Smith contributed to this report.

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