Greenfield nursing homes to get ‘more attention’

Greenfield Nursing Homes (GNS) is set to be given more than £1 million in funding to boost its capacity to house patients with dementia.

The move comes after the Nursing Homes Trust of England (NRTE) announced plans to invest £50 million over five years to upgrade and modernise its facilities in the north-west. 

GNS will also receive £50,000 to buy additional equipment, including an automated remote care facility.

It will also invest up to £1.5 million to modernise the facility, which is due to open in October 2019. 

The investment will also see GNS add an automated nursing home that will offer support and support services for patients with conditions such as dementia. 

Greenfield has been given £20 million by the NRTE to improve its services and to ensure that the facility is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

“The NRTE will provide support and services to our patients through the Greenfield, which has become a destination for many who are living with dementia and have limited access to the NHS,” said GNS managing director Joanne Boughton. 

 “GNS is committed to improving care for our patients with a high level of care and support, including our highly-trained nursing staff, which will enable our patients to feel more comfortable and in control of their care. 

This investment is the first of its kind for our Greenfield facilities and will enable us to continue to deliver on our vision of supporting our patients and providing a secure, high-quality care environment.”

I would like to thank the NRTe for the generous support we are receiving in support of our vision and our commitment to improve our care.” 

 The Greenfield facility is set for opening in October 2020 and will be staffed by up to 30 people who will provide care including a certified nursing assistant, a licensed social worker, a registered nurse and a specialist occupational therapist. 

In January 2020, the NRTVE revealed that it was planning to invest over £1 billion in the Greenfields, with the money being used to modernize the facility and upgrade its services. 

A further £1m will also be used to upgrade the facilities in North-East Lothian and to expand its patient accommodation capacity. 

All of the Greenlands’ nursing homes have a capacity of more than 2,000 patients, with about 200 people living at each facility. 

‘Better support’In January 2019, Greenfield said it was committed to modernising and improving its facilities and was investing in a fully automated nursing service. 

After a meeting with the NRte, Greenfords CEO, Karen Edwards, said: “We’re grateful for their support, and look forward to seeing them again in 2019.””

We’re delighted to see the NRT and GNS giving us further investment to continue improving our services, and ensuring our patients have a secure and positive environment in which to receive their daily care,” he said. 

After a meeting with the NRte, Greenfords CEO, Karen Edwards, said: “We’re grateful for their support, and look forward to seeing them again in 2019.”

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