Homeowners seeking to move from Brookhaven Nursing Home report they don’t have the funds

The Brookhaven nursing homes in Florida are struggling.

The nursing homes are struggling to stay afloat after receiving more than $2 million in federal aid.

Many residents, including nursing home staff, are struggling with the loss of income.

Staff say they are struggling too.

“I’m struggling.

I’ve lost my job.

I’m getting food stamps,” said Jennifer Johnson, the mother of a Brookhaven resident who was forced to move after a nursing home was taken over by a bank.”

The only thing I can do is pray.

If God will forgive me, I will make it work.

But if not, I’m going to have to move,” she said.

Johnson is now in a shelter with her children, who are still at the nursing home.

She says she has been able to save money from other ways to pay her rent and bills.

“There is not enough money.

I have no savings,” Johnson said.”

They took over my nursing home and they made me move out and they took my home, but they didn’t make me stay there.

I lost everything.

They took everything and then they didn`t pay me.”

The Brookhaven facilities have struggled for years to survive.

It was the third nursing home in Florida to be taken over and taken over again in less than a year.

They were closed in 2015.

In April 2017, the Brookhaven State Health Department took over the facility.

The facility has also been at the center of a number of lawsuits and complaints about conditions.

The state was awarded $25 million in settlement money for the Brookhouse facilities.

The Brookhares were purchased by a Florida bank in 2014.

The bank was able to raise $10 million from the state and a private investment group, but the bank had to shut down in 2018.

A judge ordered the bank to reopen, but it hasn’t reopened since then.

The Brookhaes were shut down again in 2019.

The Broward County Health Department and the Florida Department of Health investigated the nursing homes, but were unable to find any problems.

The Florida Department Of Health investigated a nursing facility in Florida in 2016, but that facility has since closed.

The nursing home is in the process of transferring residents to another nursing home on the same property.

The new nursing home will be located in a different part of town.

The property is about 10 miles away from Brook Haven and will have a total of 6,200 beds, the Broward Health Department reported.

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