When you get hit with a lawsuit, you can always ask for more


— When you get sued, you have three options: file a countersuit, get more money, or file for bankruptcy.

The courts have given us more options in the last several years.

But what if the court says, we’re going to make an exception and say, you should just go to court?

What would that mean for you?

It would mean that you could get more, which means more money.

It would mean you could go to the courthouse to get that money.

And you know what?

It wouldn’t be fair to me because the person that you are suing is getting the money, and you’re suing them for more than you’re getting in.

But you are paying for their lawyer’s fees, so it’s not fair to the person who is being sued for less money.

That’s the thing that makes this lawsuit interesting.

It’s a little more complicated than that, but that’s kind of where the lawsuits go.

If they get to a lawsuit court, it would mean there would be a presumption of good faith.

They wouldn’t have to prove it.

And if you can prove a good faith, that would mean they can get more than the attorney’s fees.

The court would give them more money for their attorneys.

But the court would also have to give them a reason why that wasn’t fair.

And it would be more difficult to win.

You could argue in court that they should have filed the suit in the first place because they don’t know the people.

You know, they don

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