How a nursing home in Alabama survived an Ebola scare

I’m a nursing assistant in the nursing home I work in.

I’ve worked there for two months and am a full-time employee.

Last Friday, the infectious disease threat level was raised to critical.

I was working on the day shift, with no other workers, and I was given a personal protective suit (PPP) by the nursing staff.

When I opened it, I realized it was not mine.

I tried to take off my pants and shoes, but the protective gear didn’t fit.

My shoes were too tight.

When the workers realized that I was in danger, they helped me put on the protective suit and then helped me get to the door, where I was able to leave the building.

It was then that they asked me if I had been wearing the protective clothes I was wearing.

The nurse asked me how many times I had touched my head, and then she asked if I was a carrier.

I said no, and she asked, “Is it your head?”

I said, “Yes, it is.”

She said, [so] we went back into the room and I tried again, and this time I put on my PPP and put on some gloves and then tried to go to the restroom.

I could see the nurse was getting concerned because I had the PPP on and I had my hands out.

She called my supervisor and said, ‘We’re looking at you.’

She was concerned, so she called my boss, and he told me that we could leave, but he also said that he would go back and check on me and I would get another PPP.

We left and I walked home and I called the nursing facility and asked for another PAP.

That’s when I saw the nurse’s supervisor.

She said it was an error and I should go back to the office and talk to them.

I asked my supervisor, [and] he said, that’s not going to happen.

So I left the room, and after about 30 minutes, I went to the bathroom.

I started to feel cold, and that’s when [the nurse] asked if it was a virus, and [I] said yes.

She looked at me and she said, you’re not going anywhere.

When she said that, I just felt scared, because I knew that my PAP was going to work for the rest of my life.

And I thought to myself, oh, my God, it could be me.

When we went home, I tried going to the doctor, but that’s what they were worried about.

So, the nurse put me in isolation and I couldn’t get help.

She was worried about me being contagious.

She told me not to tell anyone, because if I do, I’m going to be sent back to quarantine.

The next day, I was sent back.

I had to go back home and take care of the family.

The day after that, they sent me back to my home, and they told me I could stay.

They sent me to my room, where they gave me a towel and said that if I could wash my hands, I would be OK.

And then they told [me] that I had three options: [to] wash my face, [to], wash my hair, or [to get] tested for Ebola.

So the nurse came over and said to me, ‘I’ve had enough.’

She started crying.

I told her, ‘You’re not worried about the virus.

You’re worried about my life.’

She said that my husband was in quarantine and my son was in the hospital.

She started saying, ‘If I get Ebola, you will die.

You will not get to see your son again.’

And I was scared.

I felt very isolated and scared, and my husband came in and said [to me], ‘It’s OK, you don’t have to worry.’

So that’s the day that I got Ebola.

I don’t know if it’s a virus or not, I didn’t get tested for it, and the nurse didn’t want to test me.

I never thought I would ever have to go through this again.

She never asked me to test, and we had no reason to test each other.

And when I got tested, I thought, this is it.

I’m finally getting my life back.

So then I went back to work, and today I am the one in quarantine.

I went from an isolation ward to the nursing care facility.

My boss is in quarantine, and now I’m the one on the outside.

It’s hard, but I’m trying.

I need help.

The nurses have been great.

I have so much support.

I didn�t know I was pregnant, so I was really excited to go home.

But the next day I got my first fever, and it was so bad.

I got really sick.

It felt like the worst fever ever,

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