When I go to the water, I want to be comfortable

Waterford Nursing Home workers are protesting the deaths of at least four nursing home residents, and they’re not going away any time soon.

The deaths of the four residents at the nursing home in Waterford, Conn., sparked a wave of outrage and protest in the community, which is about two hours west of New York City.

The water treatment plant is in Watertown, Conn.

The four residents were found dead after being forced to escape their home after an electric fire caused the building to burst into flames.

The blaze has been ruled an accident and the plant is expected to be repaired.

Waterford officials have said the fire was an accident.

The nursing home is in foreclosure, and the county has placed a $1.9 million bond to keep the facility closed while the city works to repair it.

“We have been working with the county and the state to make sure that our facilities are safe for our residents,” said Kevin O’Brien, executive director of the Waterford Health Authority, which runs the nursing homes.

“The facility will be completely safe and operating as normal.”

The residents were in the unit on a ventilator that can treat people with respiratory illnesses, according to a statement from the county.

They had been living there since September, and had been on ventilators, a ventilated room and an oxygen mask, officials said.

“This is a very difficult time for the community,” Waterford Mayor Joseph D’Amico said in a statement on Wednesday.

“There is no one answer as to why these residents died.

We have lost three of our own residents, so we know how hard this community has worked to make things right.”

The nursing home was built in 1974 by the local government of Watertown.

Its construction was halted in 1995 after a $12.6 million state tax rebate was cut.

The facility was sold to the state in 2008.

In 2015, the federal government gave Waterford $7.9 billion to make repairs to the facility, including $5.5 million for the repairs, according the statement.

“There has been no increase in the number of people with health problems that can be caused by exposure to the air, water, or heat that has resulted from this fire,” O’Connor said.

“We are grateful that the residents of the facility have been treated humanely and humanely with proper care and that the facility is operating as usual.”

Waterford has been struggling to find a long-term solution for the facility’s debt and ongoing closure, and is in talks with the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development about a $20 million grant that would help pay for the improvements.

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