Which nursing homes are worth your money?

In an effort to give you a better idea of the nursing homes in our area, we’ve put together a list of the most expensive nursing homes on the market.

Read on for our picks, which include a few that may not be worth the money you pay.

PHX: Harmony Nursing Home (93601 South State Road)A$2,500 per nightFor a short stay in Harmony, you can expect a $2,400 per night stay at this nursing home in Phoenix.

This is not your average nursing home.

Harmony is an all-suite facility, meaning each unit is separated into a separate bedroom and a kitchen.

If you stay at Harmony for less than six months, you will be charged for each unit.

However, because of the high price tag, you might want to consider the option of staying at the Avalon West Nursing Home.

This facility also charges $2.25 per night for guests staying for less then six months.

This will make Harmony a great option if you want to stay with a family member or friend.

It may be worth considering this option if the price tag is so high that you are considering staying at a hotel or motel.

Also, there is a $15 fee for guests that stay longer than six weeks.

The Avalon West nursing home has an excellent bed and breakfast facility that includes a full-size kitchenette and a full bath.

The room will come with a fridge, stove, microwave, sink, and washing machine.

The $1,700 price tag does not include taxes and insurance.

If the cost of a $1.2 million nursing home was the only reason you stayed at Harmony, this nursing house might be worth it.

This nursing home is located in Phoenix and offers a one-night stay at $1 and includes meals and other amenities.

For $1 more per night, you could stay at the South State Home.

South State Nursing Home ($1,971.90 per night)This nursing home located in south Phoenix offers a $971 per night option.

South States home is an 18-bed, four-bedroom, two-story facility that offers guests the opportunity to have a private and private room for a limited amount of time.

It also offers an open-plan living room that includes two fireplaces, a private patio and a pool.

You can expect to pay $1 per night at this facility.

If your budget is limited and you do not want to pay this much, consider staying at The Rooftop Inn.

This hotel has a large pool that you can use for a pool party or to relax.

This pool will also be open for guests to come and go as they please.

The Ramp is located on the south side of town.

The rooftop will have a fitness center, outdoor patio, and pool.

This property has a $5.5 million price tag and a $25 per person occupancy fee.

This home is one of the few that charges $1 to $1 each for guests.

The Ranch is located at the south end of town, in a residential area, and offers guests access to a pool, outdoor living room, and a private dining room.

The house also has a private bath with a full tub and shower.

The price tag for the ranch is $1 million per night.

The RV Park is located near Phoenix’s airport, and it has the ability to offer guests a free overnight stay at a variety of locations throughout Phoenix.

The home is a 1,200-square-foot home with two beds, two full bathrooms, and three bedrooms.

The property also has an outdoor patio and private backyard.

This ranch is located right outside of Phoenix.

It is a two-bed home with a single bed and two baths.

The ranch has a 1-bedroom and two-bath unit with a fireplace, a large-screen TV, and an indoor pool.

The owners also offer a $300 discount for the entire family to stay in this home.

The Price is Right is located just a few minutes away from The R.A.P. and offers residents the ability of staying in a home for $1 a night, or $1 for a couple.

This unit has a separate bathroom and a separate living area.

The unit also has access to the pool.

Price is right is a three-bed house that is located directly across the street from The Roost, which offers a fully equipped living room with a fully-equipped kitchen, a full bathroom, and living area that can also be used for a picnic or social event.

Price Is Right is a four-bed ranch located just outside of the Phoenix area.

This house offers the option to stay for $2 per night or $2 for a two night stay.

This area has a pool that can be used to relax and enjoy the view of the mountains and valleys.

The prices are all lower than the luxury hotels

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