Juventus vs. Parma: The best of the weekend

Juventus beat Parma 3-0 in the league on Sunday.

The Parma boss had his first defeat of the season. 

His team were beaten by a side that won their previous game by a combined total of 11 goals.

Parma had to settle for a 1-1 draw, thanks to two goals from Paulo Gazzaniga and one from Lorenzo Bonazzi.

Juventus lost their second game of the Serie A season, against Udinese, 4-0. 

It is the first time in the Serie B era that Juventus have been beaten 3-1 by the Italians. 

Their second game is against Bologna on Wednesday.

Piacenza reached the final of the Parma Superleague, the top tier of Italian football. 

The team were relegated to Serie B in 2012 after four years in the top flight. 

Piacentini will be replaced by Antonio Conte, who has not lost since taking over at Juventus from Francesco Totti.

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