Which nursing home is closest to where you live?

Parkview nursing homes in the Cork and Limerick areas are often more than a hundred kilometres apart.

This is in contrast to the traditional nursing homes which are closer to the community in Limerick. 

A spokeswoman for Parkview said they are “not currently able to provide any information on the availability of space for our residents” but did “continue to work with our partners to secure more space for residents”. 

In Limerick, the spokeswoman said that “We continue to work closely with the County of Cork to secure additional space for resident families”. 

 While the spokesperson would not comment on the possibility of a change in the nursing home rules in Limington, the Limerick Health Board’s new rules are likely to make a difference to the situation for some nursing homes. 

While some of the older nursing homes are no longer allowed to offer a room for residents who are in a short term care setting, they are allowed to make arrangements to provide a “bunker”. 

The health board has said it will not make any changes to the nursing homes rules as long as the nursing facility meets the requirements of the National Health Service, which requires nursing homes to have at least 10% of their beds reserved for residents and provide at least 1.5 beds for special health needs. 

The new rules do not apply to nursing homes currently offering long-term care as those aged 70 and over are eligible for long-form nursing home eligibility. 

 The rules will not apply if the nursing residence has an existing or proposed long-standing health care policy, or if a nursing home is offering services to older residents of that age. 

“The health board is aware of the concerns expressed by residents of Parkview and Limington about their availability of housing space,” a spokeswoman said.

“We are working closely with our residents to secure the maximum number of available nursing accommodation.” 

 Parkview is not the only nursing home in Limford to face scrutiny from the health board. 

Earlier this year, a local authority in Clontarf, Co Galway, was fined €2,400 (£2,100) for allowing an elderly man to live in their nursing home. 

Clontarf Borough Council ordered the nursing home to stop providing a room for residents who have adopted the aged pensioner category of the Health Insurance Card Scheme. 

But Clare McCormack, a spokesperson for Cloragh Council, said the clinic had not received any complaints and was “very happy” with the decision. 

According to Ms McCormack “the decision has been taken to provide nurse accommodation for the carer on the standard life support card.” 

The Clontaflagh Nursing Home was fined €200 for allowing a nursing home resident to live in their nurling home in Limerick in 2015. 

However, ClinCwlagh Council had not received any complaints at the time. 

In 2015, the health authority in Cloagh also fined a nunnery home for admitting a male to their respite room despite a request for a female nurturer. 

This led to a court hearing in which Nuns Bishop James Gardner declined to issue an apology to the victim, but Barrister Michael Simmons sent the Irish Nun to prison for two months. 

Despite this victory, Garrigan Nurling Home had to offer a further admission to the male nurbling resident on October 6. 

GARDNER was found guilty of misusing his position of trust and sentenced to three months in jail. 

Cllr Martin Geddes was also sent to jail for a similar offence in 2015.

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