‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ alum Michelle Phan returns to rehab nursing home

Michelle Phang, who starred on The Real Housewife of Beverly Hillside, has returned to her rehab nursing facility to begin treatment for a neck condition.

The Real Family alum, 37, has had surgery on her neck to repair a torn ligament in her neck that she sustained during a car accident, TMZ reports.

Phan, who was diagnosed with the condition in October 2016, will continue rehab at the Lipscomb Nursing Home in Orangeburg, Virginia, which is affiliated with Lipscombe Hospital, TMZ adds.

She was hospitalized in March for a day of treatment, and her husband, Steve, and daughter, Olivia, attended her last surgery.

The Beverly Hills, N.J.-based Real Housewives of Beverlyshire star and her former Real Househusband, Steve Phan have been in the spotlight since The Real Life of Beverly Hilton, a documentary about the couple, was released in December 2016.

They have also had roles in TV shows like The Real World: Miami and New Orleans, as well as movies like The King of Queens and The Last Days of Jack Dawson.

Phang is the first Real House alum to be treated in a rehab facility.

She underwent neck surgery in December of last year.

A spokesperson for Lipscoman told the outlet that they were “extremely saddened and distressed” by Phan’s announcement.

“We are devastated to hear that Michelle has passed away, and we will provide support as she continues treatment,” they said.

Phancin is known for her roles in films such as Good Morning, Vietnam, and The Lion King, as she has also been a cast member on The Celebrity Apprentice and Celebrity Big Brother.

She has also appeared in several commercials and was featured on the reality show Real House Hunters.

She recently shared the news that she is in her second season of her Real House, telling her fans on Instagram: “The truth is I’m still here, I’m always here, and I’m working on being more than a housewife and being a real person.

I’m not a housewives character.

I just wanted to let you know that I’m doing this to give you the comfort you need.”

Phan has also hosted a reality show called Real House Hunt, which she hosts and co-stars with fellow Real House Wives of America alum, Stephanie Taylor.

Phani is also one of the stars of the reality series The Real Big Brother, which airs on Bravo.

She is set to star in her first movie, The King Of Queens 2, which will premiere on Nov. 20, 2019.

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