How to avoid a nursing home visit by visiting a skilled nursing home

A skilled nursing facility is a home that provides nursing care for low-income families.

Here are some tips to make sure you don’t end up visiting a nursing facility without checking into one.


Ensure you have a valid visa.

You’ll need to have a visa to visit a skilled home, but you’ll be required to provide proof of residency, and a visa is only valid for three months.

You may need to submit an application and provide your income details if you don ‘t have a permanent address.

Check your website to see if you qualify.

If you don t have a residence permit, you may need a work permit.

If your work permit expires, you will need to reapply.

If it does expire, you can apply for a work visa, which can take up to two years to process.

If that is the case, contact the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

If you do not have a work or residence permit you can still apply for Australian Work Permit.

If not, you’ll need a visa from the Department for Overseas Citizens and Permanent Residents (DCPPR) to work in Australia.

A visa is not valid for more than 180 days.

Check the DIBP website for the details of the visas you need.


If visiting a facility, be aware of the following.

They’re located in different parts of the country and can be very different.

Some facilities require a visit to a doctor.

Some do not.

Make sure you know what you’re getting into before you arrive.

If in doubt, contact your local police, fire service, or ambulance service.

The staff at some facilities may be able to help.

If so, they will need you to get the correct information.


Get medical advice.

Make an appointment with a specialist before you visit.

Make your appointment to be sure you have enough information to understand what you are going to be doing.

The nurse practitioner will be able tell you what medications you need to take.

If a specialist is not available, the RN will be there to explain the procedure.

They may also be able give you a list of nurses available.

If they don t know how to refer you to a specialist, they may refer you directly to the GP or clinic where they have an appointment.

If the GP has an appointment, they can provide you with the referral letter they send you.


Get some snacks.

Some skilled nursing facilities provide snacks and snacks for patients to bring with them to their homes.

Some may even have hot chocolate available, which will help them feel more comfortable.

Some places have a separate area for patients with special needs, but they must be accompanied by a carer, who will need a letter from the facility’s director and a photo ID from their carer to be allowed to bring the food.


Ask if there are other services available to care for patients.

If there are, ask them for information about the programs, and ask if they can help you.


Make a plan for when you will be visiting.

Some facility staff will help you arrange your visit, and some will provide you some information about their facilities.

Check their website for a list.

If one doesn’t exist, you could apply to the DIP for assistance.


Prepare your documents.

You need to get your visas from the DSP or DIB, but not both.

The DIP will check your visa application.

If needed, you should also fill in the DTP application form.


Check with your local Police, Fire Service, or Ambulance Service.

If available, ask if there is any way to contact them if there’s a problem.

If no, they’ll need you and your carer and their doctor to come to their office.

If necessary, they might send a letter with your details to your carers home.

They will also contact you with a contact at the facility.

The contact should ask for the address of your home and the phone number you need for a phone call.


Make arrangements.

The carer or your caretaker will need help arranging your visit.

You will need an address to visit for a visitor, and the carer will need the address and phone number of the home.

If possible, they should also arrange for you to meet your care taker, and then a caretaker who will be responsible for caring for you during your visit (usually in your home).

If this isn’t possible, contact an Australian Caretaker Network (ACN) member to find out if you can visit a registered caretaker in your area.

They can then contact you directly.

If this doesn’t work, you need a contact to help arrange for your caretaker to come and pick you up from the caretaker’s home.


Check in.

If everything is OK, you and the caregiver will then have to get in touch to make arrangements for the visit. There is

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