Why is the U.S. health care system so expensive?

In an age when health care costs are exploding and the country’s debt is rising, how do we know how expensive the U,S.

is going to be in the future?

In an age where health care spending is exploding and our debt is soaring, how does we know whether the U.,S.

will be able to pay its bills in a reasonable time?

It’s not an easy question to answer.

A growing number of experts are raising questions about whether our country can afford a new, high-tech system of health care.

More than 30 countries around the world are looking at how to design their systems of health insurance, which will allow them to pay more and provide more care to their citizens at lower costs.

But it’s not as simple as just changing some people’s insurance policies.

Rather, we’re going to need to change the way we’re paying for health care and the way people access care.

What we’re trying to do is bring the costs down.

We’re not looking to raise the prices of things that we already have.

We’ve got to think about things that are actually more important.

We’ve got an economic system where we’re spending a lot more on health care than any other country on Earth.

And that’s not sustainable.

The U.s. spends more per capita on health and social services than the next 17 countries combined, and it’s increasing the number of people living in poverty by about 8 percentage points.

That’s why we need to think seriously about how we’re actually going to pay for all these things.

In a country where people are paying more for health insurance than they have in years, and they’re paying more than their parents have ever paid for anything, what we’re really trying to figure out is what can we do to get that number down?

I think the answer is, in order to make health care cheaper, we have to start thinking about how to make it more affordable.

We have to find better ways to finance it, and we have a lot of problems in the way the federal government does that.

So it’s really up to us as individuals to figure this out.

How do we make the health care we already pay for less expensive?

We have an opportunity to get a lot better at that.

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