NAMI to move nursing home from Montefiore to Springfield

The Association of Montefiores in Israel will be moving its nursing home and its three-year-old rehabilitation center from Springfield to the town of Montefiorgia in the Negev Desert.

The association announced on Sunday that the two communities will merge under the new name of Montefaion.

The move was made to address community opposition and improve public health, according to the association’s statement.

It also comes a week after the state-run Negep News Agency reported that the Montefondia residents are unhappy with the nursing home’s current location, which is within an Israeli military zone and the adjacent Palestinian village of Qana.

The Montefonds have also complained about a lack of amenities in the town, the newspaper reported.

According to the statement, the association will now begin work to “rebrand” the new town in honor of the Montefaions.

The state of Israel has a population of about 300,000, and its Negevy region, which includes the desert and Israel’s northernmost coastal communities, has been the site of frequent clashes between Israeli security forces and Palestinians.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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