Why does a nursing home hospital care for a dying patient?

By MARTIN SCHULTZ / STAFF WRITERThe clapps home nursing home in north central California, located in a suburb near San Francisco, is known for its nursing home, a hospice and its large hospital.

But the facility also houses a number of caregiving centers, where patients with severe and chronic illnesses can get care.

The home also has a large hospital that serves the elderly.

But it’s been in the news recently because of the death of a patient.

The hospice at the nursing home has been operating for over 40 years, but the facility is at a tipping point.

The nursing home is facing an imminent threat of closure due to a $9 million water main replacement project.

The project has been plagued with delays and overruns, according to the California Department of Water Resources, and a new owner, the San Jose-based Clapp Homes, is trying to keep the facility operational, even if that means raising costs.

The hospital has been the subject of numerous media stories, including one in The Wall Street Journal that highlighted the high cost of maintaining and operating the nursing homes facilities.

The article noted that the facility has been at risk of closure since 2015.

The Clapp Home has faced numerous problems, including a recent fire that killed three people, according the California Fire Protection Agency.

The Clapp facility also suffered from a lack of staffing due to staffing shortages, according a recent audit from the state’s public health department.

The audit noted that a number who work at the facility have been understaffed and have had difficulty getting necessary medical care, such as medication, food and personal care.

In the meantime, Clapp has struggled to pay its bills and has faced criticism from residents and family members.

Residents have complained that staff at the Clapp home have been too busy caring for patients with dementia and other medical conditions.

The facility’s closure is the latest blow to the Clapps facility, which has been under financial pressure due to the massive water bill, according Clapp spokesperson Sarah Richey.

The nursing home’s owner, Clapps, has asked a court to bar the state from issuing the order requiring it to shut down.

In the past, the Claps have asked the court to order the state to remove the restrictions, Richeys said in a statement to ABC News.

But in a court filing last week, the state argued that the Clappers had the right to continue operating and that the order was not necessary, according an ABC News report.

Richey said Clapps did not respond to ABC’s request for comment.

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