How to get in touch with nurses and their families at Hilltop Nursing Home

Northridge nursing homes will be closing for maintenance after the coronavirus outbreak.ABC News spoke to a woman who works at the nursing home who was forced to give birth at home because of the virus.

Ms Stott said she has been on and off work in the home for the past year and a half.

She said the staff are trying to stay busy as they can’t afford to stay home.

“I just couldn’t stay at home and I have to work to pay for all of the medical expenses that are out there,” she said.

“It’s very hard.

I don’t have enough to eat, I don to go and get some protein and I don t have the time to go to the gym.”

She said she felt like she was in a house full of strangers, and the staff just couldn t stop crying when she got to the front door.

“People were going to come in and start making fun of me and telling me I was a freak, and I was scared of people,” she explained.

“And then when I finally got there, I saw the nurses, and they were smiling and laughing and saying hello to each other and saying thank you.”

The nursing home will be shut down for maintenance, and staff will be given the option to work from home, Ms Stott added.

“They’ll have to find a new home.

We will have to move to a new location,” she told ABC News.

She added: “We have been so close to being able to reopen, we just cant afford to be in a nursing home for that long.”

You can see that people are really struggling.

“Nursing home closure expected for Hilltop in Northridge article Northbrook residents and staff are waiting anxiously for the Hilltop nursing facility to reopen.”

We are hoping to get back into our homes, so we have a chance to get our families together and get back to normal,” Ms Stett said.

Ms Flinders said staff were overwhelmed by the situation, and had been forced to return home.”[They]ve been so overwhelmed by this coronaviruses virus that we have been told that it is no longer safe to work there,” Ms Flinders told ABC’s 7.30.”

The nurses have had to work for the last week, and we are now being told that we cant work there.

“She added that many staff were still unable to leave their homes due to the coronavalirus outbreak, but were willing to go home for some respite.”

There are many of us who have family who have been away for long periods of time, and there are many families who are going to be working in the facility at the moment and so we are looking forward to returning,” Ms Darragh said.

The nursing facility is one of several nursing homes in Northbrook, including Hilltop, which has been closed for maintenance due to coronavious illness.

Northridge Nursing Home is also closing, after a nurse was found dead in her car on Monday.

A spokesperson for the Northridge Health Authority told ABC 7.15 the health authority had not yet made any decision on the nursing facility’s closure.

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