‘I want a nurse on the ground’: Nurses on the front line as NSW fires continue

A nurse who had a heart attack after a hospital fire in the north-west is fighting for her life in hospital.

Key points:A woman died in hospital on Monday after being treated at the Northridge Nursing Home.

The woman’s family said she was “not the first person in her family to die” due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The facility is the largest in NSW.

Ms Burrows’ death has left a family of four devastated.

Their daughter, Kayleigh Burrows, said the tragedy was “a terrible thing” and that she did not want to go back to the nursing home.

“It’s not going to bring my mum back, it’s not,” Ms Burrows said.

“I’m not going back to this facility, I don’t want to come back there.”

Ms Burrow said her family was looking to find someone to take over caring for her mother, who is now in a critical condition.

“This is a big loss for all of us, especially my mum,” she said.

She said she wanted to see the nursing facility shut down, and would be willing to work for free in the community.

“If it’s a little bit safer for the community, then I’ll do it.

But I’m not happy,” Ms Burns said.

Nursing home staff are being paid to do their jobs, but are not being paid for any work that goes on in their care, Ms Burrow’s family says.

“They’re not being compensated,” Ms Wood said.

The nursing home was closed on Monday.

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