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Feds to award $30 million in Medicaid Nursing Home Loan Guarantee to hospitals, schools

The federal government will award up to $30 billion in Medicaid nursing home loan guarantees to hospitals and other institutions that are “in need of nursing home care,” a senior administration official told Engadge.The $30-million loan guarantee would cover up to 1,200 nursing homes, the official said.The federal government announced the nursing home loans on […]

How to keep your home’s residents from falling victim to ransomware

A group of researchers has uncovered a new strain of ransomware that’s being used to target people in nursing homes.The researchers say they’re still not sure why ransomware is being used, but they say they believe the attacks are part of a trend that could lead to more widespread financial havoc.Ransomware is a type of […]

Why are Southland nursing homes treating their mentally ill patients differently?

SANTA ANA, Calif.— A nursing home in Southland, Calif., that treated two mentally ill residents of a nursing home is changing the way it treats the rest of its patients.A judge on Monday found the hospital was not complying with state guidelines on the treatment of mentally ill people and ordered the hospital to pay […]

When the Redskins hire a nurse to run their nursing home

A nurse has been hired to manage the Meridian Nursing Home in the town of Rutland, according to the Rutland Daily Times.The nursing home will have a full-time staff and be open for family visitation during the week and a weekend.The Rutland News Tribune reports the nursing home is in the process of hiring an […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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